LA Lipo Gift Vouchers Cambridge

As the popularity of LA Lipo has grown we are pleased to announce that we will now be offering gift vouchers. Gift vouchers from LA Lipo are the perfect gift for a friend or family member who wants to have a treatment but may not be able to afford to on their own. So give someone the gift of self confidence by purchasing an LA Lipo gift voucher today.

How can I purchase an LA Lipo gift voucher Cambridge?

If you want to purchase a gift voucher for someone there are two ways you are able to do this. Please make sure that you make yourself aware of the terms and conditions before you gift the voucher.

In person

Anyone who wants to buy a gift voucher can visit us at the clinic and buy one in person. Our specialist will be happy to help you choose the best gift and give you a realistic idea on the amount you should spend. As we offer a few different treatments at LA Lipo it may be worth speaking to a member of staff about what the person that you are buying the voucher for is interested in.

Over the phone

If you are unable to visit a clinic to purchase your voucher you can call up and purchase one over the phone using a credit or debit card. You will still have the opportunity to discuss the gift voucher with a staff member. Once you have made your purchase you will be sent the gift voucher in the post. Digital gift vouchers are not available at this time.

Terms and Conditions

  • – Vouchers must be presented at appointment by the voucher holder. Please inform the voucher holder they need to present the voucher and mention it when they book the appointment
  • – Vouchers being sent by post may incur extra charges for postage and gift wrapping envelopes. Please remember to discuss this with a member of staff when you call
  • – Vouchers can be used to partially pay or fully pay for treatments depending on their amount
  • – Voucher value can be used for the booking deposit if a booking deposit applies to your treatment
  • – Please ask the person who the voucher is for to give a minimum of 72 hours notice if they need to cancel their booked appointment
  • – If the booking is not cancelled with sufficient notice the voucher may be registered invalid as the full balance will be taken off of the booking cost
  • – If you are buying the voucher for a friend or family member please ensure they familiarise themselves with the process and present the staff with any pre-existing medical conditions
  • – When buying vouchers for friends or family members please ensure you check the minimum age for treatments. Vouchers will be registered void if the person trying to use them is not of treatment age.
  • – The bearer must note the expiry date stated on the gift voucher.